Welcome to my Pre-Confederation History site. Here you will find my experience in History 1120 from Thompson Rivers University. This history focuses on the development of Canada prior to 1867. I have included some personal experiences as well as some learnt aspects from the course.

In the section About Me you will get a brief back ground about myself and why I took History 1120.

In the section Learning Canadian History you will get a general understanding of how I learnt Canadian history this past semester.

In the section Reflections on the Past you will be able to read about an my overall experience in History 1120 and you will also be able to see a few of the reading logs I did this past semester with my thoughts on the logs.

In the section Research Project you will be able to see how I carried through my thoughts doing my overall research paper as well as how I used my knowledge in class to interpret my primary document in the document analysis paper.

I hope you enjoy my portfolio!  Thank you Dr. Penny Light for the great class experience!  Thanks to Brenda and Brian also for all the great assistance.